Oatman General Store

The Town of Oatman Arizona

Oatman, Arizona authentic western ghost town and mining camp located on the longest stretch, 167 continuous miles, of Historic Route 66. Complete with historic buildings, museums and unique gift shops nestled into the surrounding scenic towering mountains. This is visited each day by the roaming wild burros. These wild burros come to town each day and walk the streets looking for a handout by the tourists. Tourists can buy carrots to feed burros but are cautioned to take care in feeding our burros; while very tame they are wild.

Aside from the wild burros there are the semi wild gunfighters that roam the streets of Oatman as well. The Oatman Ghost Rider Gunfighters perform daily at 1:30 and 3:15 pm with Wild West shootouts in the middle of the street right in front of our Oatman General Store. Not only Wild West shootouts but an occasional Shot Gun Wedding! These shot gun weddings are real and also performed right in the middle of Historic Route 66 which also takes place in front of our Oatman General Store.

Oatman is located on Historic U.S. Route 66, the trail of the people who migrated in their Model T’s from the Midwest. And Oatman is located right in the middle of things by being 25 miles southwest of Kingman, Arizona; 25 miles northeast of Needles, California; 25 miles southeast of Bullhead City, Arizona; 30 miles southeast of Laughlin, Nevada and 54 miles to the north of Lake Havasu City, Arizona and all accessible by good paved roads.

Oatman, Arizona has become very popular by travelers and now receives over 500,000 visitors each year, drawn by its history as a gold mining town, there is over 3000 mineshafts in and around Oatman. Film makers have also chose Oatman and surrounding area for their making of feature films such as “How the West was Won,” “Edge of Eternity,” “Universal Soldier,” “Foxfire,” as well as commercials, calendars and historical documentaries.

Oatman is open every day and year round as well as our Oatman General Store so be sure to plan part of your trip to include Oatman, Arizona and please do stop in and see us at the Oatman General Store!